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JW International Consulting


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JW International Consulting is an independent globally acting consulting agency. We specialize in political consulting and public relations projects.

Our forte is political analysis. Our services are not limited to showing our clients the options they have. We also help them translate their visions into action.

Our services include: 


Strategic consultancy

We show our clients their scope of action and formulate the practical options they have.


Issues management

We plan and control the communication of relevant issues on the public agenda both in agenda setting and agenda building.



We keep track of project-relevant developments, policies, programs and media coverage.



We find you suitable partners, facilitate first contacting and cooperative projects, making sure that you are well-positioned on the political stage.


Knowledge transfer

We provide you with relevant knowledge, assisting you with creating internal knowledge networks and providing adequate training support for your personnel.



We create and secure a solid financial base for your projects and initiatives.